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Joyce Cerretti Bio

I had no definite ambition. One has to go through one's education before forming thoughts about what one wants to do. Unless you've got some mad ideas about being a fireman or a great boxer or a football player. But I had none of those. 

Cary Grant - Interview Magazine - January 1987

My interest in media began when I first saw Cary Grant on the screen while sitting on my mothers lap. I told her I wanted to marry him when I grew up. As I aged, reality set in, as did more realistic goals. I found that film was obtainable, but Cary wasn't.

Throughout high school, I was always adorned with a still camera around my neck without any real ambition. Within a year of completing high school, I became a board member of “Open Cities Film Society” in Davenport, Iowa. The film society showcased old American and foreign films. Occasionally, Cary Grant would grace our screen. During this time I also began my film/broadcasting studies at Blackhawk College in East Moline, IL .

In 1987, I moved to Iowa City to continue my film studies at the University of Iowa as a Communication Studies major. As I searched for a more practical direction, I turned to the Instructional Design department at the College of Education. While studying the use of technology in the classroom, I had found my niche and my career and interest became fine-tuned for educational use.

Much time has passed, as has Cary Grant, in Davenport, Iowa. I now have 25+ years experience. As an employee for the City of Iowa City, I spent 10 years creating computer generated graphics for an interactive cable television channel and spent numerous hours as part of the video production crew as a videotographer and editor. When hired by the University of Iowa College of Law's, video department in 1999 for my technology and media experience, the focus shifted to the classroom, videotaping courses and designing classroom presentations. In addition, my work involved video equipment maintenance, creating a website, developing manuals and making equipment recommendations to the College of Law. Not surprising, my computer screen wallpaper was of a suave Cary Grant and a classy Audrey Hepburn in " Charade."

In the summer of 2002, I transferred to the Larned A. Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center founded by Willard “Sandy” Boyd, Professor of Law and President Emeritus of the University of Iowa. Since then, I have been assisting the directors and coordinator in various tasks such as, website and database creation/management, desktop publishing, nonprofit newsletter listserv and management, technology consulting and research. Now my computer at the Nonprofit center includes a solo photo of Cary on the desktop.

photo of the beloved Cary Grant

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  In August of 2006, I relocated to Denver and the Nonprofit Center has generously allowed me to continue working remotely until February 1, 2008. Currently, I am a free-lance web designer.